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Current members


Theodoros Karamanos

Lecturer, Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Group leader

Diploma, University of Athens (Greece) 2009

PhD/Postdoc, Astbury Centre for Structural and Molecular Biology , Leeds (UK) 2009-2014/2014-2016

Postdoc, Laboratory of Chemical Physics, NIDDK, NIH (USA) 2018-2020

Tenure-track University academic fellow, Astbury Centre 2020-2022

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Felipe Ossa


I joined the lab in December 2023. I have an undergraduate degree and Master’s in biochemistry and a PhD in structural biology from Oxford University. My doctoral work used a combination of NMR, biophysics and fluorescence microscopy to look at protein-protein interactions involved in proteostasis, working with human HSP70 and HSP40 chaperones and the sigma 1 receptor. I have since worn many hats; I have completed two brief post docs one with my PhD supervisor Prof. Schnell looking at DNAJB6 and another with Dr Abdul-Salam at Queen Mary University looking at the CLIC protein family. I have also worked as a teaching fellow and as an Editor for Nature Communications both roles which have focused on structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics. 


Billy Hobbs

PhD student

I joined the lab for my PhD in 2021 having completed an MBiolSci in Biochemistry at the University of Sheffield. My research project there, with Prof. Mike Williamson, looked at finding the best way to calculate binding affinities using NMR chemical shift perturbations. My PhD project aims to apply the power of NMR spectroscopy to further understand the key role of Hsp40 chaperones in regulating the chaperone network. Outside of the lab, I enjoy baking, running and finding new places to eat in London.


Noor Limmer

Masters student (2023)

Noor joined the lab in October 2023 to study low complexity disordered regions in proteins by NMR and other biophysical methods as part of the Master's in Structural Biology programme.

Past members


Mahmoud Doroudgar

Postdoc (May 2023-Sept 2023)


Ella Knupling

Undergrad. student (2023)

Now PhD at the Crick Institute

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